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Measuring Tow Ball Down weight pt2


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The next thing I do is set the scale,block of wood and bottle jack to the same height as the distance from the ground to the top of the tow ball I took earlier.image.jpgThat distance is 460mm from the ground to the top of the bottle jack.

Then zero your scales as the block of wood and bottle jack have added weight.image.jpgYou want the block of wood and jack centred on the scale to distribute the load evenly.

Now wheel the trailer over and drop the coupling on the bottle jack just like you would when putting it on the Tow ball.

Make sure the Jockey wheel is fully raised and all the couplings weight is resting on the bottle jack.

Now you can take your initial reading of your drawbar weight.image.jpgAs you can see I have a drawbar weight of 78kg.That's 3 kg above my maximum as I had my trailer set up for my hilux which has a MAX tow ball down weight of 180kg.

Like I said earlier I want to make that figure 60kg.Theres a few things you can do on a boat/trailer.

You can move the winch post/boat back and forth,move the axle,shift things around in boat or a combination of all the above.

Im going to shift my axle forward to place less weight on the coupling.

Continued pt 3

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