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Measuring Tow Ball Down Weight pt 4


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Now your axle will be hanging free.

I like to move the axle in increments of 50mm and go from there.I just grab the tyre from each side and push the whole tyre/axle assembly forward a little at a time until I've moved it 50mm because I keep my trailer maintained and the assembly slides easy.(You may have to persuade yours with anything ranging from a hammer to a sledge hammer).

Remember if you want more coupling weight move your axle back if you want less move it forward.

Here I have moved it 50mm and just nipped up the rear u bolts to take a weight reading again.image.jpg

I jacked up the trailer,removed the axle stands and placed the coupling on the bottle jack again and had a weight reading of 71kg this time round(not photographed).That's a decrease of 7kg from where we started.11kg to go.

After going through the whole process of jacking up the trailer and moving the axle forward 2 more times I ended up moving the axle forward 125mm from where I started.image.jpg

Continued pt 5

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