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Help needed for oil leak 90 hp OceanPro Evinrude


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G'day guys, nice to be a member of Fishraider.

I have an oil leak from a part on my 90hp Evinrude OceanPro. It is located near the carby, and is possibly an oil sump for holding the oil prior to mixing with the fuel??

I have looked on OMG parts list but cant get a name for the part as a whole, only individual part numbers for screws, washers etc.

The oil seems to be seeping out rather fast and under pressure when the motor is turned over.

I have attached 4 x photos showing the part.

A name of part, guess as to the problem, guestimate of repair /replacement costs would be greatly appreciated. I can't ring the boat yard for a ballpark $ figure without knowing the name.

Also my eldest son is a diesel mechanic and thinks he would be able to do the replacement. Any outboard mechanics on the forum who could say yes/no to that?

many thanks for your time and any replies,


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