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Decent Mullet


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Hit the lake this arvo for a quick flick with my partner and dog in tow. Plan was to just hang around for an hour and flick plastics and surface lures etc. Wind was too much for the little surface lures, so on went the small wriggler and a dozen casts produced a few tentative bites, but no hook-ups. My partner decides she wants to have a few casts.

First cast, and she's on to something decent. Gives me the rod to pull it in. Some decent head shakes and a few runs has me thinking it was a good flattie. Was surprised to see a big flash of silver when it surfaces. Big bream? No, too long and slim....small jewie?....possible, but unlikely. Several runs later, I managed to beach it (I was using a 1-3kg rod, 1000 Ci4+ and 4lb braid). You could imagine my surprise when I see a mullet around 35-40cm (forgot the measuring tape). I've caught poddys before on bread dough. Never caught a decent size mullet, well ever... and on a soft plastic, that would be something I would never think would be possible.

I know it's only a mullet after all....but getting one on a SP, I thought it was worth sharing.




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