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Berry Island/ Gore Cove Fishing


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Hey fellow raiders, went out adventuring today as i was keen to test out my new light lure flicking setup and hadn't been out for far too long.

I headed out early and got off at Waverton station and walked down to the water, flicked plastics along past the marina and over past the first initial hill over to Balls Head, only to have a few hits to no avail, small bream or choppers i'm assuming. Headed past the park to the playground and round towards the big shipping setup to a little beach under a cliff, looked the goods with so many oysters around amongst weed beds but still no fish, however looked a good spot for squidding in the future. Kept flicking along back towards Wolstonnecraft station and ran into two blokes fishing for Blackfish that hadn't caught anything all morning either. Was casting under a wharf tight in to pylons when a man on a kayak headed me towards the sand flats further towards the creek as he was saying it'd be the go. So i walked along a bush track trying to find a decent spot to get acess to water, eventually i found after a bit of bush-bashing a nice rock clear of tree's and began casting on the flats covered by about 30 cm of water. First cast with a small minnow rolling along the sand i got hit by a huge bream really close to the bank which caught me by surprise, resulting in me striking too late and missing him. Shortly after i snagged the one lure i had getting a heap of hits and interest so after pursuing with a plethora of different plastics, divers, walkers and stickbaits to no avail i decided to head off as i had to be home  @ 11:30. Even though no fish were caught i found a great new secret spot and will be back very soon to give it another crack. 

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