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Prawning Wallagoot lake far sth coast


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OK, going down to Merimbula in the New Year for a couple of days, looked at prawning near Merimbula and Wallagoot Lake came up.

It is a landlocked lake old post say and there is  prawning, has the lake broken through as these are old post of about 2-3yrs ago.

(Steve I haven't forgot about The Entrance as I will be there after the New Year.)


thanks norm.

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I would say it is closed once more.  Last time it opened was late last year and I am pretty sure it hasn't opened since. 


I haven't prawned down there in years but it was where I learnt to prawn with my parents, very clear memories of my mum putting my brother and myself into sleeping bags when we were young whilst they prawned (bet you couldn't get away with leaving two young kids on the shore after dark alone now days!).  Was fantastic prawning, 




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