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Jervis Bay 19th Nov


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Just a quick one;

plenty of good calamari, we bagged out by the end of the day. Less slimy mackerel around at the moment but a few good patches of yakkas showing up. 

The live squid kept getting bitten in half and the 6/0 circles didn't find their mark. Guessing we had some smaller snapper doing the chewing on the squid since a cod would have probably been hooked given their huge gobs. 

We didn't find any kings and the other boaties we spoke to were in the same boat so to speak with no one managing to locate them. 

So did a few "drifts of shame" on our way back to the boat ramp and finished bagging out on squid ? 


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Kings were there mate...where about's were you fishing?
We got plenty of squid Sat & Sun and pulled in 2 x 70cm kingies sat and 3 x 70-75cm kingies sunday. Couldn't get any slimies at normally bait spots but heard later on that people fishing reefs that there were plagues of them and getting baits to the bottom for snapper was impossible.
On sunday there were a 14kg and 20kg kingie caught too...
Plenty of rats around out there...

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thanks for the tips guys. any other recomendations apart from the tubes and headland there. think the banks is out of the question as it's a little far for the boat we are in. anything happening around Bowen Island?

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Cheers for the tips, we just had some bad luck on the day I think, we moved around a bit but focused on the mouth of the bay from point perp to the island. 

Still had a good day though, no such thing as a bad days fishing ?

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