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South coast update


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Just to let you guys know that things have started to heat up a little down this way with some promising catches.

While things had been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks we've been mainly under the water catching a few bits and pieces. Now the snapper have turned onto the lure of micro jigging and even the charter operators have joined this style of fishing.

The kings have also made an appearance with many locals getting smashed by a few bigger models than the usual 55-80cm fish. In fact, a king of 1.4m was caught in close at Mystey Bay over the weekend. Also big sharks in huge numbers have been regularly spotted by helicopters over the last couple of weeks.

Also offshore fired up over the weekend with good catches of albacore, small yellowfin and even bluefin tuna to 25 kg.

With a good forecast this weekend I'm hopeing to head out wide for a change.



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