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Mainline Breaking During Cast


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Hi guys,

I'm hoping to figure out an issue I was having today while spinning off the rocks. I started off with a 15cm, 20gram hardbody and was throwing it quite hard to try and get some distance as the large profile was slowing it down. Then after a few cast I hear a twanging snap and the lure flies off into the water. I swam out and retrieved the lure and could see quite clearly that the mainline had broken just before the leader knot.

At first I though, maybe the knot was just a bit worn as I hadn't retied a new leader for 3 trips now. So retied and kept going. Then while casting a 20gram metal another TWANG and off it goes. No swimming to get it this time though.

After the first time I started keeping an eye on my leader knot to see if I could detect any weakening etc. I thought I saw some whitening of the mainline at the knot (using orange braid) but it was a little bit like that after tying the knot so don't know how reliable that is as an indicator. Especially since it is some cheapo brand.

In my mind it could be one of a number of things:

1. Line slap on my rod as the know passes through the guides weakens the knot. I'm using a bait rod, not a spinning rod so thought it might be related to the guides or something.

2. 20grams could be too much weight for the line class i'm using and it can't hand the strong throws. I'm using 6 lb mainline with 8 lb leader. I used to fling 20gram lures all day with 6 lb but my old line was berkley fireline.

3. Just cheap braid. Maybe it is just shoddy braid.

4. Knot. Maybe I'm creating too much friction when tying the knot.


My set-up is

Rod: Shimano Bushy Bait Legends 742, 6-8kg and it has 9 guides on it

Reel: Sedona 4000

Knot: FG knot all the way. I can't tie a reliable uni knot. I find they tend to slip on me.


Any help would be appreciated. What do you guys think it is?


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I thought that the weight on the casts might be centred on the braid as some people use short leader length but doesn't seem to be in your case.

 I think 6lb main line might be too light but I use 6 and 4 lb myself for lures to 12 gms but load the rod up for  the cast.  If you don't want to spend yet on New line, try loading the rod up rather than flicking. It helps with the wrists.

There could be a Nick in your guides however imo it's most probably the casting style. 

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You can keep the leader light but the rod is too heavy to cast just 6lb especially braid. Reckong you could take that to at least 12lb. With using light leaders, you can't really flick such a heavy lure. You need a smooth action to load the rod like some surf casters do

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My money is on the guides. Most lower end new rods have this crappy hard grey plastic which is designed to fatigue and break after a year or so. Guess they got tired of rods that last forever. I've still got a Kmart rod my dad bought me in 1987.

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