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Barranjoey/Palm Beach Fishing

Halibut man

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HI Guys,

As promised here is my report for fishing at Barranjoey/Pittwater.

Rented a tinnies and was out mid morning to catch the outgoing tide and the incoming after 12.45pm (lowest point).

Started off quite slow around West head and off Mackerel Beach,1 sand whiting of legal length 30 cm .  But after lunch around 13.00-14.30 outside the Basin towards the middle of the bay, observed seagulls feeding frenzy and headed there. Troll with lures (metal lures used very shiny silvery and blue lures) caught some half dozens tailor in the feeding frenzy. Good sizes of 30-40 cm.

Sea was calm, weather was great at 25C with sun.

Tips: Fish bites better during incoming tides than outgoing.

Watch the birds to chase the tailors.

Shall be heading out again next few weeks and hope for Kings or others.



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