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boat limitations?

kingfish king

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Hi Raiders,

after owning a 4m tinny for the past 5 years i finally upgraded to a 2013 4.85m fibreglass savage half cabin (same as whittley 1650 clearwater). 

it has a 90 etec which has low hours 70l fueltank, epirb, vhf, gps. all other off shore saftey gear. 


I have taken it up and down the coast in various weather conditions (nothing to rough) to get to know the boat. 

I was hoping to take it out to the port hacking fad when the water warms up, my question is do you think it is capable of going that far off shore safely? about 16 kms out.

i have been out to botany fads in work friends a 5.8m boat but i understand there is a big difference. 

any advice / personal opinions would be greatly appreciated.  


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Gday kingfish king, I have the same hull with a 100hp 4 stroke. I have taken mine to the shelf a few times in under 10knt winds , fish the illawarra FADS all summer no problems . What these hulls don't cope well with is short chop on the bow (bow will drive in and under waves) also susceptible to broaching in following sea. A shallow deadrise, 14 degrees from memory, provides excellent stability at rest but slaps hard in the chop. There a great boat but will bite you if the weather catches you out. I don't go out far if the forecast is over 10 + knots. 

This topic is probably better in the boating section. 

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Pick your days and you will be fine, I've taken 4.2m tinnies out to the FAD's (Sydney) and fish traps, 3.55m tinny out past the heads up to longy. Its all about caring more for your safety and passengers than the fish, so if it looks abit fickle don't do it and er on the side of caution.

I reckon your boat would be fine for the FAD's only a few months back I was with a mate and we took his 4.75m out to 12 Mile no problems, so take it slow and choose your days.


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Yea get amongst it Kingie, the day will come when you get caught out by the weather, then you'll see what you and your boat are capable of. 

I'd say it's how most of us learnt, the hard way. Driven properly your hull is well capable of a bit of weather. 

I'd be happy to shadow you out to one of the illawarra FADS for your maiden run.

I'm sure a Sydney local will offer the same if you want. 

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I have a 4.8 vsea and fish fads off Swansea and port stephens...15 nm so long as u watch weather and have safety gear there is no reason not to..i have taken mine to the shelf off swr and Minnie waters..i also have many years experience in the pro fishing industry.gamefishing and general fishing outside...you have to start somewhere so pik your weather windows and travel with other boats if possible to glean knowledge from other fishos...it sounds like you will have a few offers from other raiders so go forth and fish...rick

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