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Headed off to Chifley Dam this morning with the son in tow.He's not into fishing, but wanted to check the place out for reptiles. While he was looking at lizards, I  threw a lure around.On the first cast, I  felt a bump, and I  got excited! Next cast, nothing. 3rd cast, I  caught my first ever Redfin!?. Although they won't be COTM contenders, I  was pleased with a tally of 4 Redfin in about 15 minutes. For a fish so small, I was surprised at how aggressive they are! Next time, let's hope the next Redfin is much bigger. 


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You're not wrong  BN! They fight very well. I caught my first one on a tassie devil rainbow trout pattern, then I  lost the lure. I then used another tassie devil lure to catch the next 3. It's  red with black dots. They seem to work well. I  might head back in the near future to see if they have bigger ones.

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