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Capture of the month


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We went to Phillip Island today. I really wanted to wet a line but instead all I could do was to catch this fish (out of the corner of my eye) as we went flying past. 

I said to Geoff 'I'll have to capture a shot of that fish for the Swordies on the way back.

On our return trip we were planning to visit my nephew but his turn off was before the fish. We were sure the fish was only a short distance further along the road so we decided to go that little bit further along so we could get a picture.

As we approached Tooradin we knew we were close, just around the bend... um... the next bend... um... we were sure it was close by.

We were getting a bit to far away from where we had to be so we did a U turn and headed back.

Blow me down we had already passed it and we both missed it. That called for another U turn so we could capture this wonderful beast.

As we approached it, it was obvious why we missed it. A big tree was blocking it. So another U turn was called for and we finally got our shot.

This one is for the Swordies.
I'd like to submit it for fish of the month please. (Red item - the car's stop light.)


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