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Idea on fitting drum winch on Haines Signature 49x 520/530 anchor well


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hey guys, i have a haines Sig 530 and im running a lonestar drum winch on it, because the anchor well is not deep enough for windlass.

the biggest problem is the hatch of the anchor well is sooo damn small that i simply cannot fit that drum winch in it. the well itself is big enough just the opening is NOT. so i end up putting the winch right on the bow, and had my bow spirt all the way forward, because i have no space for a curve roller, when i reel it in all the rope goes into center. very annoying.

has anyone fitted an drum winch on Haines Sig 492/493/sixteen, or 520c/530c/530SF boat. they have pretty much the same anchor well design, decent sized anchor well with tiny lid. designed for hand-pull anchor only.

i know i can completely cut off the area around the lid, but thats gonna be UGLY!!!



530 winch.jpg

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