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kingy madness shellharbour 27/11/16


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Headed out last Sunday to  Shellharbour for a fish with a few mates, the seas were pretty big but the wind was pretty good. headed to our usual flatty grounds in some pretty ordinary conditions, we moved around a few spots for a bit but couldn't seem to find them. we made the decision to move to a spot were we have had kingy success in the past. within two minutes of being there we hooked up a nice kingy just short of legal. for the next 2 hours it was not stop action. you couldn't even put your rod down for a minute to get a drink without it screaming. we would have landed close to 40 good solid kings just short of legal. We managed to get one to go 67 cm so took him home. we later started to head back. we stopped along the way back to have one last crack at the flattys. it was quiet for a bit before suddenly I seen something at the back of the boat. it was a small Mako shark, not thinking I grabbed a spare rod that had a jig head on it and quickly through the hook through the nose of a half filleted slimy. within seconds id hooked up and reeled it towards the boat, id managed to hooking it perfectly in the corner where it couldn't cut the line with its teeth. it was a beautiful dark blue colour and I estimate it going 1.2 metre. one of the other boys was trying to get the gaff when it started whipping around and broke the line.

all in all it was a fun day, bit messy conditions but it was good to see the numbers of kingys around.






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