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Stupid easy fish curry for one hungry man

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I've cooked and posted recipes for some pretty complex fish curries. Got home today and skinned and filleted a luderick for lunch. Now I'm worked fast as I have to mow the lawns and get a charcoal BBQ fired up to roast our dinner so here are the ingredients:

1 x skinned and filletted luderick 

Half a tin of ayam coconut cream 

half a jar of laksa paste

diced asparagus

half cup of rice 



1. Boil the rice.

2. Fry fish and asparagus in hot wok with oil maybe 30-60seconds

3. fry laksa paste 30seconds

4. Add half tin coconut cream. Bring to boil.

5. Turn off Wok. Add strained boiled rice

Without a doubt THE BEST curry I've ever eaten. Give it a go!






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Guest Guest123456789
On 18/12/2016 at 7:41 PM, Jewhunter said:

Thanks mate!

I tried this the other night with fresh prawns & it was delicious!


Awesome glad you like it. Prawns would be so yummy

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