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Hi guys its been a while since I have been around.. Im still alive and have been backwards and forwards from overseas every couple of months....  Well I herd from the Taren Point Tackle shop today, that he had a mate that went out wide and got his first Blue marlin for this year ....Has anyone else herd any reports ?   Im going out wide new year.... Now for the teaser...

Cook islands, last week I showed the local tour guide that I do have the knack with female fish... 25kg  GT

I had empty hands and i was the only person you came to.. yes they are used to people but , usualy dont come within arms distance... the tour guide was gob smacked.

As you can see.. Im blessed..5 1/2m tiger shark Also only comes to me when I dive for her....









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Welcome back Yarraone. Wondered where you'd been. I'm sure you know what you're doing with Tiger Sharks ...but do you know what they're doing? You have a lot more courage than I do, that's for sure. Good luck with the fishing in January, will look forward to your post. Cheers, BN

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