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Emergency Flares


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Hello Raiders,

I'm due to replace my emergency flares and I have been looking around for prices.

Whilst looking at the prices, I noticed there is more than one set of flares.

I'm confused as I always thought there was only one set of flares that you were required to keep.

Looking at the BCF website, there are Inshore and offshore. 


When I checked the RMS website, there is no requirement for flares for inshore. So why would they sell them or people buy them?

I realise that there shouldn't be a price on your safety but it doesn't make much sense as if you were in trouble inshore, you would surely get noticed by other boats.



Also, there is an "electronic flare that I found on ebay....never knew they existed.

Can this be legally used in place of the standard offshore flares....or is this only an "extra device" that can be used but you must have the original flares? 


Love to know.........

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1 hour ago, JonD said:

Different states have different rules, thought we only needed two handheld smoke and two red, normally around $50 for all four.

Yeah, that's what I thought as my last set was about $50 but looking at the BCF website, the offshore are now $109...

Everything goes up but this is gouging at its finest.

Still scratching my head about the inshore set. Gouging for more money? Possibly! 

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Don't confuse a retailer's packaging with the legal requirements.

Inshore and Offshore are retailer packages.

Enclosed Waters and Open Waters are RMS definitions....and they are not intuitive. eg. In Sydney harbour Port Jackson, You would think Open Waters are east of a line between North Head and South Head....after all this is the open ocean beyond the last land.....BUT according to RMS ..Open Waters in Port Jackson are East of a line from Cannae Point and South Head.  Check the map free on RMS -  http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/maritime/usingwaterways/maps/boating-maps/9d-port-jackson.pdf

So research from RMS site what are defined as Enclosed and Open Waters in the areas you typically boat in.

Then for NSW... The RMS site is clear...


For Enclosed Waters - No flares required.

For Open Waters - you need 2 Red (Distress flare (red hand-held, in date)) and 2 Orange (Distress flare (orange smoke hand-held, in date))



PS - Thats the minimum requirement from RMS...but take with you whatever you think will help in an emergency. Ultimately your are the skipper and responsible for the crew. Personally I view RMS as a minimum and I carry extra flares etc.



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