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Advice Needed - Recharging Electric Motor Battery


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HI All,

I was hoping for some quick advice. I have a small tinny with a 65lb bow mount motor. I have done 4 outings using the leccie connected to a Century Marine Pro 730.

The battery still has good charge (green light with red inner dot on display window). Do I keep running it down before I charge it or should I be charging it after every couple of outings and not letting it drain down too far?

I have purchased a 7 stage smart charger (10A) to charge it with however I need to know what the best actions are to keep the battery in good condition for a long service life.

Kind Regards


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Lead cell batteries......KEEP IT CHARGED ! ....

I have written up the science behind this in a previous post if you want to search for it.

Running a lead cell battery to flat before re-charging is guaranteed to shorten battery life.  I always keep mine trickle charged to full and as proof have a Century Marine Pro 650CC that is 10y.o. and still working.





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