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Easyrider 186


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Just acquired an old easyrider 186, wondering if anyone out there has any info or pics of them. All I  know is there were only produced for a couple of years before going out of business due to financial woes due to a court case by cruise craft. Any info greatly appreciated, cheers guys.

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that's a 146  I had a 166 for years and fished out of a 186 open windscreen model many times..great hull ..deep v entry good travelling hull flat deadrise compared to some so very stable at rest..they were made for quite a few yrs..as easyrider then bought by xatal nautiglass manufacturers on the central coast for 4 or five yrs after that...the windscreen models handle better than halfcabs as they are better balanced...enjoy the 186 they are a great hull...rick

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Cheers rick, It's a full cabin model i got....although bulkhead has been cut (butchered ) out. Doing full rebuild, stringers etc etc back to her former glory.. 



PS like this picture, without canopy and looking a little sadder :(


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