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Port Hacking


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Headed out early this morning, near Lilli Pilli. It was a bit windy and rainy, not the best of weather, with the wind gusting along fairly strongly at times.

Used pillies and hooked up a few tailor. The biggest was 37 cm, 3 others just over 30, and quite a few throwbacks under 30, so not big fish. Tried fish strips on the bottom for the usual small reddies, and picked up a bonus crab. As I was packing up, I threw the line out, no bait on the hooks, so I could untangle the line, and as I retrieved the line, a 38 cm trevally grabbed the ganged hooks.

Tried spinning lures in different spots out of the wind, for nothing. Did not even see any fish jumping at all.

As I was heading home, I saw 2 fishos erecting a small portable gazebo on the wharf of the Lilli Pilli baths, no doubt to keep the rain off them. Certainly an unusual sight.

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6 hours ago, night_rider said:

38cm Trev on an unbaited setup... Surely that's a raider record! As always, nice work mate.

I wonder what would happen to the gazebo and the guys underneath if the wind picked up? :/ :lol:

Not bragging, but can do better than that. A 67cm kingie on a bare hook on a 10 pound handline - that was some excitement.

The 2 guys were tying down the gazebo to the hand rails, however, a big blast of S/W wind would fly the gazebo to Kurnell. :D

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