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What have I missed out on?!


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Hi Raiders,

Before anything else, it's my first time posting here, but thank you all for all the great content in this forum, it has been helping out a lot in my fishing learning!

But now to the business... Today I lost something big and I'm puzzled as to what I missed out on. I was hoping someone could shed some light and maybe give advice as to what I should do in the future if in a similar situation.

I put some lines out at Pittwater today around a marina, and to my surprise I hooked onto something strong! From the moment it took my bait it was taking line from reel (the drag was set to very low), once I increased the drag the line taking diminished a little only for a sudden burst of speed. As suddenly as it started it stopped moving, but the fish wasn't gone, I was simply unable to reel it in.

The line was about 30-50m away from me at a depth close to 15m (felt as if it was at the bottom). I spent a good 10 minutes trying to reel it in, but it felt like it only moved when it wanted to (taking more line out), not when I attempted to lift the rod! With the frustration and inexperience, I slowly started to increase the drag while attempting to get it to move, until eventually my line just snapped. Sad day!

Anyway... I was using a 20lb braid with a 30lb leader on a 10kg rod. I don't have much experience in fishing in saltwater, but if I had to guess I'd say I hooked a stingray (I also coincidentally saw a huge one flying under my boat while durring my "battle").

Any ideas as to what it could have been and what I could have done differently? Should I be using heavier gear for fishing at Pittwater?



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I like the humor!

And no, I did not catch Australia, I was anchored to a buoy and it actually took a fair bit of line multiple times. Not saying that this never happened though...

Thank you for the replies 

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