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In search of the ghost


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After a solid morning surf, with great swell and sets coming through, the day started early but well. With university over for the year, a day off work and a much needed break from grade cricket training, I decided to head out with a mate from the academy for a fish.

With all the recent rain, cloudy skies and fast moving water we decided it was a fantastic opportunity to go after the elusive Sydney Harbour Jew, landbased as boating conditions we're far from good. The plan was to cast one heavy line deep into the channel where the fast moving murky water was with a large pilchard, then have each of us using prawns on light gear to pick up anything else that may be around.

Throughout the two or so hours we fished, we had many pickers eating the prawn bait but not a single touch on the large bait. This was until my mate had his prawn absolutely slammed by a thumping 42cm Yellowfin Bream, which I was stoked to see but even happier to release. I see no reason to kill a 30 year old fish that breeds thousands every few months or so and maintains the species numbers in our heavily over fished Sydney waterways.

No Jewfish, but definitely stoked to see a fish of this size.



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