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Fishraider Record Catchs

blackfish angler

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I think that all Fishraider Record Catches of your fish should be on a brag mat to show the size > With no proof anyone can say there fish is any size .As per the photo. My biggest Blackfish no brag mat so it was a big fish may be my biggest but I could not prove it . My thing for using brag mats .



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Sure good point but the records are only for our community and for fun and interest. There is no National Title or prize :)

I think you mean "brag mats". We ask for the fish to be on a brag mat or a tape and maybe a picture of the angler holding the fish.

Can you (or any other member) message me if there is a record that you think should not be there. Do you have a fish to submit?

For the record (pardon the pun) we have rejected many fish that were not able to be validated. Some we have accepted because we were there (as a social) or several raiders validated the catch.

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