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cant catch a bream- but the by-catch


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Cant catch a bream but the big eye trevally and moses perch have kept me entertained



The moses perch have been in plagues since spring the 20cm+ models do give a solid tussle

Managed to have a cast at Coffs Harbour marina yesterday standing and casting along the rockwall inside the marina and twitching a hardbody back across it

Didn't take long for the action to statrt with what I assumed were GT's and after a few casts came up tight on one after a solid tussle to my surprise out came a bluefin trevally havn't seen one for a few years a very nice fish to start the day and I thought it wont get much better


kept casting for more hits and misses and then spotted a school of baitfish in some deeper water put a cast in them then rapidly twitched the lure out and whack i was on the fish tore off at a rate of knots and after a while came up in front of me and to my absolute surpirse and excitement a queenfish I have wanted to catch one since i was a kid, not a 1m monster but a very exciting catch this far south


I want to thank all you Raiders for 2016 I have enjoyed the reports and posts

Have a great Christmas and as a hospital worker I say please stay safe over the holidays


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