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  1. Always a nice surprise to think you have nothing, but then pull up a 80+ flattie thats been quietly chewing away.
  2. Persistence paid off.. nice1.
  3. I actually just bought a stroke one similar to this on Wednesday. Not a jet though Its all set up and ready to rock, but bad timing as I'm away this weekend so I cant test it out just yet. 8kg or just under 9kg with a full tank off fuel. Runs on 95 unleaded. Ill keep you posted.
  4. Hey Anth, Plenty of fish in the harbour will take that size bait. If any of my live baits die I always butterfly them as Mulloway baits ... works a treat. Mark
  5. That's brilliant, and I haven't heard a young fella put something above fortnight for a while. Mark.
  6. Hi Raiders, Just got back from Vanuatu. In a shop by the beach was this old motor. It was heavily encrusted and obviously been in the water for years. Love seeing things like this, and id love to ponder what happened to get it at the bottom of the ocean in the first place. Mark
  7. Hey Tommy, few weeks back the Narra lake was closed at the mouth (on purpose ) and they were doing work with diggers west of the bridge. Water looked crap. maybe take the yak to Clontarf or little manly and try your luck in the Harbour. Mark.
  8. Do you reckon that's his heart beat you can hear in quite a few sections of the video??
  9. Indeed it is. And it will get me from North harbour, to north head, to Middle head and back to north harbour marina . Just need to work out motor size and battery size.
  10. Hey Fella;s Looking at a Elect 24lb thrust motor. Says it most suited battery is a 50 amp hour battery. Any suggestions from those of you who have motors?? TIA Mark.
  11. Looks like a good feed. The spit's down the rd from me and it always holds something to take home.
  12. Welcome Squirt, I'm original a Central coast fella, but now in Manly. I'm sure you'll find plenty of good spots around Sydney to drop a hook in. Where are you in Sydney..?
  13. hahaha.. does getting pissed whilst watching the Wallabies get smashed count..? Thanks Fella's, we all seem to think the same way. Appreciate the feedback. Mark
  14. Gday Raiders. I was planning a fish tomorrow morning but the winds picked up. I've never really fished when windy as I don't enjoy it. Having said that, does anyone still get a lot of success on a windy day? Thanks Guys and Gals Mark
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