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Gordons Bay Squid


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Went to Gordons Bay the other day to target some bream but came up short. I did manage a squid at sunrise though. There was another guy there squidding too and he caught 2 about the same size but that was about all there was.

I went for a dive after fishing and notice a large school of baitfish around where we caught the squid, so they were obviously chasing the bait, but I didn't notice any other larger predators and did not see any bream. I fished the incoming tide.

I'm starting to notice a pattern at Gordons Bay now: the bream and luderick tend to hand around the southern point on a run out tide and the northern side on a run in. I actually catch most of my fish there on a run out tide, for anyone whos interested.

Here's the video for anyone interested: 



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