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Beach spinning outfit: Daiwa BG?


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There's a couple of boxing day sales on until midnight this evening and I was hoping to pick up a Daiwa BG to match with a Crucis 10' 6-8kg beach rod for spinning for salmon, tailor and bonnies off the beach and rocks.

I'm curious as to what raiders would recommend as far as reel and line sizing goes. My thinking was to get the BG in the 4000 size and spool it with 20lb braid. There is also the 4500 with an extra 4kg of drag and the added line capacity at the cost of about 100 grams in extra weight (the 4000 comes in at just over 100g, very light). Is it worth going for the 4500 or will the 4000 do the job?

Any suggestions on what line to use for this setup would also help. I haven't done a lot of this kind of fishing so I'd love to get a few inputs from the experts here before pulling the trigger on this one!


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What's the cast weight of the rod? A good rule of thumb I picked up is use 10lb line strength for every ounce you want to cast. So basically 10lb for every 28gr. Try to balance a good size around that and the rod balance weight. 

I'm getting into a pickle with my 4000 where I want to be able to put 25lb braid on to launch 65gr slugs confidently but it's probably not worth it because it'll lose too much line length. At the moment I have about 120m of 15lb braid backed by probably 50m of 20lb mono. If I'm casting 40 - 50m of line out and I hook a fish it doesn't leave me much to fight with, especially if you accidentally hook a king.


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Hi Mike

For the money you'd be hard pressed to find a better reel. Yes they are heavy but built to last like the original Black Golds and GS-9's.

I would think that a 4000 loaded with 20lb braid would be more than adequate for what your targetting.

You'll probably need to add all 3 shims under the spool to get the line to lay properly on the spool. I had to on my two 6500's





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Hi Mike,

Just wondering what model BG you ended up getting and how the setup has been performing.

I am interested in a similar setup and I've heard some good things about the Crucis 10' 6-8kg. Is it ok for flicking plastics, hardbodies and bait rigs to 3 or maybe 4oz?

Not too much about this rod on the net. 





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