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  1. No experience with other makes and models, But i am still able to source brand new factory spares for my 89' yamaha 2stroke.
  2. On ganged pillies. We were on a boat tho not off a ledge. Shouldnt make any diff with moon phase
  3. Smashed the tailors last night on a full moon. Left them biting as we we got our bag limit within an 1hr
  4. The only place that comes to mind to me is Hill 60, i hate that place so much.
  5. Good stuff. Getting stuck into it.
  6. Also note in most cases box trailer hubs may not have marine seals behind the hub.
  7. Pretty much with axles. The common ones are either holden or ford stubs. Which then fits a holden or ford bearing. then you would need a hub thats suits one or the other bearing. Are you following me? the hub then has stud patterns. Also common ones are 5 studs in either ford, holden hq or ht which has different pcd. Still following me? then you would need wheels to suit the stud pattern. You would need to see what your current bearings are to see what type of hub you would need to suit your axle stub. Then you can go from there with what sort of wheels/stud pattern you plan to go with. Im current going through a similar situation. Going from them 6inch wheels to 13inch wheels as the 13inch tyres are cheaper and more readily available if i was to get a blow out.
  8. Its pretty simple once you get used to how they act. Best advice i could give is when you are “feeding” the worm. They will arch their neck like as tho they are ripping the flesh off your bait. You would want to grab them during that time. having only wormed off stockton beach. I got on to them in no time. But beware hunching over to look for worms for a long period of time will leave you with a nasty surprise on your back when seagulls fly over you
  9. Great stuff. Love a great boat build Getting ready for the hairys?
  10. Cant help with the fishing there. But i have been earlier this year. We anchored around the steps at night near the caravan park. Turned on my headtorch and had a look around, and there was a freakin head just sticking above the water looking back at me. Yelled at my wife to have a look but it dipped underwater. I keep telling myself it was a seal or sea lion.
  11. I actually cable tie and security seal my pots. So if it gets open then i know someone has pulled my pots and possibly taken my catch?
  12. Thank you. Weather couldnt have been any better.
  13. Not much of a report. My family headed up to Forster for a triple birthday bash (wife,son and myself) in January all within a week of each other. And blue swimmers were the target. headed up on monday 22nd and checked out on friday 26th to beat public holiday and boy were we glad. set our pots in wallis lake and checked them every morning before heading out to go for a fish or stop off a beach. And checked our pots every late afternoon after dinner. ended up with a few blue swimmers and a nice muddie. We did being our rods but were enjoying swimming on the beach or pool to be fishing.
  14. That type of trap you linked would fall under bait trap rule.
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