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Flatly PB with kids in yak


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Took two of the kids in the kayak in shipwrights bay for a paddle got a couple of small flatties before the run out started went back and got four yr old for a quick fish with her as I knew it wouldn't last long . A boat on mooring went so I tied up and picked a couple up with her . She got spiked and tears started .

Just one more cast and we wil go when my little killer tomato 1/16 gets smashed . I quickly got off the mooring with the sons help and watched as this flatly went for a twenty meter run . After 5 mins getting ready to get this monster on board with a Berkeley yak net and a towel to tail grab it we had it in and the daughter was screaming so she moved to the front . We went back to the beach where we launch mind you its only 40 m away and rang the oldest to see this fish  of a lifetime . We revived or after about 15 mins in the shallows with the boys holding her under the belly . It was the best family release with everyone holding her even the 4 yr old . She went 740mm to beat my previous . Great morning only metres from home 



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A fish and spike u both will never forget , and you for that matter ... I'm sure after every Xmas going forward u will remember this flaty , even on her 21st.....u can't buy those memories well done. 

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