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Suburban BASS


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Swano and I were eager to test our little blow up boat we had modified with a lot of help from John Dory adding an electric motor in the local wild bass population. So off we went in the new SS minnow with the skipper (me) and Gilligan ane whilst not the most comfortable it was better than walking or rowing ? and we scored some really nice fish for our few hours on the river. Top arvo deano and we will definitely try other spots with our new addition.IMG_3505.JPGIMG_3507.JPGIMG_3510.JPGIMG_3511.JPGIMG_3512.JPGIMG_3514.JPGIMG_3516.JPGIMG_3517.JPGIMG_3518.JPG


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Cracking afternoon, Great to score bass on the surface and spinnerbaits so close to home.

Was a bit worried when Stew christened the boat SS Minnow, we know how long that tour lasted!

Pretty happy to see Stew on the other side of the camera for a change.Ha.

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3 hours ago, swano said:

Hey Geez I look Pretty comfortable. Nice job fitting the electric Dave. We just need to refine a few things and should be sweet.

As Stewie said you were being a bit greedy with the floor space

I think I'll wait to get my Tinnie on a trailer before trying this.

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