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South coast luderick

Guest hawkesbass

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Guest hawkesbass

Today was a muck around day so headed south to  old stomping grounds at a spot known as the farm.

Arrived to ideal conditions and found my chosen location taken by two other luderick fishermen.

I ventured onto the ledge and chatted with them for a while as they got a fish out each.

Ray said dont wait any longer get a bait out there.

It took me a while to get my one and only fish on the deck while ray and jose cleaned up.

I pulled the hooks on five fish due too a stiff rod i was using and most fish caught were lip hooked.

It was a pleasant day out meeting two other keen luderick fishos.

Was not concerned about a lack of fish on my behalf as i have put well over 50 on the deck in the past few trips.

Ray and jose put 15 in the bag between them so they had a great day.

Called it quits and hour after hightide and headed home.

Cheers trevor.


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