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A Carping we will GO


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Headed out at first light with Dave and Swano for and early morning carp bash as Dave had never caught one and there are some thumpers in the river that give a great account of themselves armed with the sweet corn and bread and some spinnerbaits for a bass. The morning started well with Dave and myself catching a couple of  the smaller carp and congrats to Dave on landing his first ever carp :ph34r: As the morning wore on we got plenty of hits and no hook ups until the turtles came on :blush: and Dave and I got a few beauties which fought above their weight (NOT) and were quickly released unharmed. Swano persevered with his spinnerbaits and after a few nice hits landed a nice one around 25 cms...well done mate. The time was getting on and a few big swamp puppies showed up and were slurping large pieces of bread down off the surface so I changed to a float and large piece of bread and a nice carp smashed it without hesitation and after a great tussle he or she finally succumbed to the pressure and was dispatched to go to carp heaven. Great morning  fellas and the highlight was watching John Dory strike at an unseen monster and fall on his ass.

Daves magical moment was watching me try and flyfish in the trees and I looked like tarzan going from vine to vine :angry2:.












Daves fish which he was washing and decided to free it HAHAHAHAHA


Regards Stewy


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Very nice report

Thanks for a great day to remember yet again.

(Murray Cod recently)  / Turtle / Carp /  All new catches for me with you guys......  May be a marlin in the inflatable next time.???


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Yeh fellas, a real fun morning close to home. Good to see the targeted species caught, was rapt to pull a bass out of there, and miss out on a turtle. Man that corn stunk Stewie! 

And it was good to learn Daves catch & release method. Very funny. 

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