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Gday raiders, 


bass season is upon us now and I’m just wondering if anyone has any good kayak launch spots for upper reaches of the nepean around Yarramundi? 
I know this stretch of the river holds some solid models of bass and I wanted to try some new areas this season since I’m located in Camden and usually fish down river around Camden towards Douglas park. 

im also open to any spots around windsor and Penrith if they aren’t to busy since the warmer weather does bring out the casuals and families which fill up the boat ramps real quick 

Tight lines & good luck this season 🔥

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On 9/5/2023 at 5:30 AM, bessell1955 said:

Pretty good Bass fishing between Windsor and North Richmond.  More so towards the Northo end,

So I’ve heard mate I’m keen to give that stretch of the river a crack this season

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