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Most Memorable Capture


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Hey all

I was thinking the other day what my best catch had ever been it wasnt hard at all and i thought with all the raider we have there would be some awsome stories to hear

My story starts when i was at my favourite hunny hole spinning for jewies i caught a pb 8 kg jewie and landed him so i was over the moon so i called my :ranting2: my best mate and my sister so they could come down and have a look. They came down and so did my mum they were all amazed and i was chuffed

My best mate asked me what sp i got it on so i showed him a jerk bait and i cast it to show him were i hooked the big one. And wouldnt you know i hooked up on a monster the fish took off into open water and the fight began my family and close friends were getting excited and my knees were shaking. after the first 2 runs every time i tried to lift and wind drag kept coming off so i put a little extra presure on and he started to come.

When he finally surfaced everyone including myself started cheering and yelling but it wasnt over yet the jewie still had pep and proceded to do about fifteen 20 meter runs we got him into gaff range and my mate missed with the gaff twice and i almost lost him again, i gave my rod to my mate and gaffed it myself. Big smelly sweet success My dearest loved ones were there to see the whole thing from start to finish and they knew how many hours of my life i had spent persuing my dream fish and i lived it with them right there.

By far one of the best moments of my life and by far the best fish i have ever caught.The jewie went 130 cm and 15 kgs the head and guts went to research and i will never forget that night. Thats my best fish that didnt get away lets hear them fellas


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well.............i genuinly was hoping for the one that didnt get away stories i thought it woulld be a good thred???? If it helps once i was fishing and i lost one that was [ .....................................................................] THIS BIG :074:

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nice pair jewhunter... livin up to your name eh :074:

The best fish was a jew caught in the h'bury weighing 22kg. It was my first ever jew, at this stage i was thinking that this fish is easy to catch. I haven't repeated that feat since, i have caught many jews but none up to that size. This fish slightly pipped my 12kg king i reckon.

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