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Georges River jet ski hoon mounts beach and hits rocks!


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Went fishing in the georges river this afternoon with my son, fishing was a bit slow, but still managed one keeper. The best part was when we returned to the ramp at revesby beach to see the usual jet ski hoons mucking up and while winching my boat up one of them mounted the beach and ended up on the rocks. Phone was buried deep in the boat so no pics, but let's just hope the police are monitoring the new cameras :)



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I was fishing at The Entrance over Christmas.  Some idiots were in an overloaded dinghy yelling at a group of nearby mates around midnight, annoying everyone else and waking up locals.  They then started up their boat, floored it through the 4 knot zone under the bridge, went around a nearby small island in the dark, then BANG!  They hit a sandbar and capsized their boat!  Karma...

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