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1. No abusive or threatening posts or private messages including posts/messages that reference abusive or threatening actions/behaviours. Personal attack or inciting arguments will not be tolerated.

2. No posts on illegal fishing activity - for example illegal methods, protected fishing zones, bag limits, undersize fish, vigilante behaviour, pictures of illegal captures

3. No detrimental posts about any other websites, businesses (on or offline) or persons

4. No links to sites with pornographic material & no posting of pics or text of that kind

5. No links to other forums of any kind unless approved by admin

6. No pictures or posts of a discriminatory or degrading nature to any person, race, sex or religion

7. No spearfishing or bow and arrow, shooting or crossbow posts or photographs at all

8. No posts or links promoting or soliciting business by, or on behalf of, non-sponsors, partners or advertisers. Links to tackle companies for the purpose of showing a picture of a particular product (e.g. rod or reel) are allowed

9. No commercial or advertising links or brand names in signatures unless you are an official partner or advertiser of Fishraider

10. No company / business logos or graphics in avatars unless a fishraider sponsor

11. No criticism of legal catches and/or inappropriate imposing of Catch and Release views in fishing reports

12. Any Fishraider member who posts derogatory comments about Fishraider, its owners or moderators on any other website will be banned without warning & if the comments made warrant it, legal action will be considered by the owners of Fishraider.

13. All posts concerning Swap & Sell items are to appear in that particular forum ONLY, and must comply with Swap and Sell rules. Swap & Sell is only available to members who have made 20 or more posts.

14. Posting of pictures/photos - no erasure, or alteration of any kind is permitted. If you do not wish to disclose location, person holding a fish or other elements in a photo then do NOT post the picture at all. No advertising links on photos. Pictures of this kind will be removed.

15. No posts about any charter operators unless you are an official partner or advertiser of Fishraider. Private messages are exempted.


General Information for Members

Fishraider is a collection of resources in an online electronic format contributed to by members. It is a family friendly online space to exchange information about fishing, boating and all subjects involved with fishing. The membership body consists of men, women and young folk and all are welcome. Fishraider caters to beginners and ranges through to the most experienced angler.

Fishraider is privately owned and operated, it is not a public forum as such. Members are invited to join the community and under some circumstances can be asked to leave. As a member of Fishraider please be aware that you are responsible for what you post. Legal responsibilities regarding defamatory or libellous material apply to all members. All posts, IP addresses, times, dates are logged and archived. Administration is bound by law to make this information available to law enforcement agencies on request.

Fishraider has a post reporting function and moderation system, however Fishraider does not accept any responsibility for material posted on the site.

Any posts in breach of these rules will be removed or edited, any doubtful posts will be removed until such time as a decision is made as to whether they are in breach of site rules or not. If you feel a post has been removed or edited unfairly please contact the Administration. Anyone breaching these rules will be notified by private message in the first instance & banned from the site if they continue to do so.

Any behaviour that Administration deems unacceptable may incur immediate banning and/or removal from the Fishraider membership. In all matters the decision is final and not open to negotiation.

If you are in any doubt about something you would like to post please check with the moderators before posting. It can save a lot of troubles later on.

Enjoy our forum and feel free to make use of the search engine to quickly find answers to your queries. Read the Articles section and share your fishing experiences with others in our Fishing Reports sections.

Advertising opportunities are available and welcomed. Please submit your enquiry here.



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