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Botany Bay yesterday afternoon- quick report


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Have promised my 5 year old and godson a fish and after a lot of trailer repair work was great to get the boat in the water for a little fun.

Launched about 3pm and battled the wind and showers to Towra Point. Drifted using prawns and nippers for countless undersize flathead, whiting and snapper with a shovel nose and ray thrown in for a bit of fun. Kids were having a ball!

Finally my 5 year old brought one in with little fuss, thought it would be another undersize but looked down and saw a 46cm flathead, grabbed the net and made my son's year! His PB and would he shut up about catching the biggest fish in the boat!!!!

Until, my mate brought one in fairly quietly, looked into the water and saw a great flathead. He's been trying for years with little luck to get a good size flathead and here it was. After a good fight close to the boat we landed it and we had two great fish and two PB's.

His was fat and 59cm.

Fish dinner tonight! 





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