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Botany Wide FAD


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Gday Raiders

A report from my trip to the Botany Wide FAD on Saturday.

headed out early with a view to get there first before the boat traffic shuts down the fish, boy was i surprised to see 4 other boats alredy there haha i guess a 415am wake up is too late!

Water temp at the fad was 23.8, tried trolling lures, pillie cubes and plastics/jigs. Couldnt hookup on a Dollie but there were plague proportions of kings in the 20-30cm size smashing baits and jigs, possibly before the mahi could get to them? 

Dollies were around but not in the ravenous mood that they are known for. A fishing charter did a troll past me and i saw his rod go off and then shortly after about 10m away from me a 1m+ dollie burst out of the water ! I immediately moved away to give them some space to fight the fish but It ended up wrapping the line around the motor and won its freedom about 10 mins later! Heartbreaking but was entertaining to watch the fight.

Left the FAD and trolled a little wider and got a hit from a shark which burst out of the water. Lasted 5 seconds before he swam away with my xrap lure in his mouth. Bastard. I have no idea what species it was as i didnt get a close enough look. If i had to guess based on other reports here i would guess mako for the aerial display?

headed in and did a flatty drift to save face taking home 6 blue spots in the 40-50cm range. 

On the upside, conditions were great and it was a beautiful morning on the water.

Thanks for reading. 


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