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Fishing at Audley Flats?


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Hey guys ! 

I went out for a drive today through the royal national park to bundeena. And to get to bundeena we have to go past audley flats, I had a look on maps & didn't know that it's apart of the hacking river so if I kayaked from there & went up towards the hacking river it would 'take quiet a while but just want to know if anyone has fished just a bit further up from audley flats & if it's worth going there . Cheers kaneo!

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In short, yes it is. If you are on the water at the Audley Weir it is a very short journey from there to the boat ramp at Swallow Rock. There is a very deep hole on the first bend (opposite the new jetty and pontoon) that fishes well of an evening and you can drive your car to there as well. Caught some good bream and flathead on the rising tide along the mangrove flats as you head from Audley to Grays Point as well. Also put some bread out, seems to be a good supply of mullet and gars. I have always thought that the western bank (the same side that the SR boat ramp is on) would hold jewfish as well where the banks are undercut.......but never tried it.



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If your kayaking its an easier (and fee free) launch at swallow rock ramp.  From there you can pale pack the Audley and wave at those paying the parking fee :) nice paddle, ive had luck there with plastics and trolling little shallow divers begind me

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