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Quick rock session at the bra


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Hi raiders

quick fish this arvo in the washes at Maroubra. Bread burley and rising tide. Couple of keepers.

released a couple of tarwhine, annoying sweep but all good fun on the pin. Got wet,got a feed and had some fun.

cheers cossie




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6 hours ago, savit said:

Nice catch,cossie.

Was that orange braid on the reel and what was that centerpin reel?

No it is float line. Reel is a  Boaden sportsmaster from the 50's. Sometimes get the vintage stuff out.


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1 hour ago, luderick -angler said:

Cossie where did you find that gem! Very rare and collectible! Only ever seen a few. Probably the rarest pin made in Australia. Nice catch by the way.


i actually have  2  of them

the sportsmaster and the n-gger reel.bought them off a collector in Melbourne.get sick of sitting around and playing with them in the lounge room, so I use them time to time

still run very well

the trevally was good fun on it last night

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