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Is it worth fishing such low tide?


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Hi all,

I'm seeking some advice here! I will probably go out anyway, as I love getting out by the river banks :) But I wanted your opinion on this one.

At 3:15pm today, the tide will be at 0.15L. That is really low based on when I usually fish low tide.

I'll be heading down-river, landbased, trying to hit the deeper holes and the spots where there is no current in a bid to tempt that little Jewie or big flattie.

My question is: based on your past experience and expertise, do you think it's worth fishing mid arvo at such low tide?



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Just recently i caught a flatty when it was the last of the run out and was pretty low tide, caught it around dusk too. But a lot of science has been put into the best time to fish, maybe i just got lucky or maybe u just need to keep it simple:)

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A person once said to me "no flow no go" the bigger in tide movements the better the fishing. I see over then next few days the tides rises and falls solid. I also checked a program I use which predicts best times to go and i would have to say its pretty good. Yar absolutely hit the deep and as soon as the tide rising hit those area that the water starts to move into


The Day Rating will be 3 (good) out of 4 (excellent).

Major Times:

·         01:09 - 03:09

·         13:32 - 15:32

Minor Times:

·         06:35 - 08:35

·         20:30 - 22:30

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Guest Guest123456789

Yes of course at low tide the fish move off the flats and into the channels and this is when trolling works well

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1 hour ago, noelm said:

I wonder if the fish have the same program??

Some "advanced" solunar calendar and similar programs are so smart today, that they  even do not need to know your location to suggest you best time for fishing.

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I have specialised fishing for big flathead and low tide my preference, especially the run out. 

At high tide they will spread out over the flats to feed where they will be more concentrated during the low as they retreat into the deaper water. Concentrate on fishing the drop offs, especially where there are chanels or gutters that empty off the flats.

Good luck. Ron 

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The fun of fishing is working out what to fish for and when and where to fish for it.

So, clearly go fishing. I'd be thinking that you want spots where the ebbing tide is going to drain off a large food source, tidal flat, rock platform etc and concentrate food. The fish should be waiting there for the tide to bring them a feed.

See how you go and get back to us all!


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