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Rough Seas,a shark and Rat Kings


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Not much of a crowd at the ramp this morning, perhaps it was the promise of a weak early southerly change put some off.

After picking up a few live bait the plan was to anchor up on the Annie Miller, burley and fish with a variety of bait.

It looked lovely and calm crossong the harbour.


But as soon as we headed south and out a bit there was a heavy swell from the north, when combined witha small swell from the south and bounce back from the cliffs it made for almost impossible conditions to fish in. There were a couple of charter boats doing a drift out from Rosa Gulley and I admired their tenacityto keep fishing while taking such a hammering.

There was an occasional huge wave so I hope our fellow rock fishermen were alert.

We gave up  without putting a line out and headed back to the harbour.  Saw a bit of action in the water and my mate caught a Watsons Leaping Bonito on a small lure.

We then anchored near a reef marker and put out a bit of burley then some lines baited with some squid. While taking it easy and having something to eat I heard this squealing noise and then a  bang and looked over to see my mates reel screaming and his rod bend double and break. After handlining the catch in eventually a large shark appeared but after a couple more runs he broke the line and was free.

We then tried another spot in the harbour and got a few Kings, but they were all around the 55cm mark and went back to grow another 10cm.



No fish meals today but a change of fishing to the bottom bashing that we have been doing lately.

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