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Hi Raiders

I have just started fishing Port Stephens after moving down from Queensland (please don't hold that against me too much) and have been struggling a bit.  After doing some research on the forum here, after some advise please:

  • I have a 5 year old and a 7 year old and just want to take them somewhere we are going to catch some fish to get them into it.  Where would you take them?
  • Did my first trip offshore last weekend and tried to get some livies on the way out at Cabbage Tree Island.  Did not have much luck.  Do most of you use sabiki jigs?  If so what type?  Do you berley and if so what?
  • We got up to Broughton and managed a few flaties which was good fun but only one undersize squire.  Any suggestions where we should be heading up there if we are after some snapper?
  • i noticed when most people where crossing between the heads, they where keeping to the southern headland.  Is that generally the best way out?
  • when you are thinking about going offshore/Broughton, what do consider ok conditions for wind and swell?  I don't take the kids offshore at this stage as don't know if well enough and they are still a bit young.

I hope to head down Australia Day weekend for a couple of days and looking forward to taking the kids for fish and maybe something out through the heads if the weather goods play ball.

Any advice gratefully received.



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Firstly, the link here might answer a few of your questions. 

most boats travel on the southern side (Tomaree headland) as its the safest passage through the heads. 

Depending on size of the boat, a 1.4m or less swell and 10knot winds are generally the max for small boats. 

Livies at cabbage tree in the n/w corner. If not, the western side of the island in close to the rocks and burley. A sabikiworks well with a bit of bait on it for slimies. 

Snapper, between cod rock and the sisters drifting the reefs between 15-25m of water! 

Good luck,

cheers scratchie!!! 

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3 hours ago, Fish_More said:

Thanks Scratchie.  What do you consider a small boat?  Mine is a 6.5m plate thingy.

 The weather forecast is looking good for Australia Day.

Small boat less than 5m. Your size boat should suit most conditions but it does depend on experience! 

Havent looked at the forecast but there is always they bay to explore! 

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Thanks Scratchie.  There will be some bay exploration regardless given will be taking the kids out at some stage.  Might have to be an early start for a fish around the headlands then back to pick the kids up for some fishing in the bay.

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