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Dubbo Friday 20th feb


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I took the kayak out for a bait fish near Dubbo from 4pm till 8pm, the barometer was rising at the time so I was excited. I caught two fish not long after 5pm then the fishing went quiet will several bites later but they were only having a pick and were not really hitting baits, when I got home I noticed also that the barometer was dropping quickly after 5pm.

The river looked to be up a foot or so from usually lately and flowing a little harder or maybe I'm just getting a little older to paddle against the current lol

Murray cods went 59cm and about 45cm

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Same results here from the same circumstances Rainstick. Nibbles which are irritating, rather than bites. Not getting so many days where the fish are actually feeding aggressively. Probably a TOO regular occurrence here with the cold water moving between the weirs. Actually, on reflection, it's just occurred to me that it was Feb last year that the fish were "jumping in the boat" when we got 27 in 2 hours. Been harder work (though still enjoyable), since then. Cheers, BN

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