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Rod selection stradic fk 5000


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Looking to get a stradic fk 5000 maimly used for targeting jewies kingies of the boat want a general pupose rod for flicking, live baiting and droping dead baits. Havebeen looking at a terez 721 15-30lb medium light range was going to put 20lb braid. Have been quoted 400 for the combo by my local but not sure if this is the right rod or i should go lighter? Looking for some advise on other rods that will fit the desription.



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I just bought a Stradic fk 5000 a couple of days ago and just can't put it down ( love it ).  I'm using mine on a jigging master 100g powerspell, a rod that has already managed many species of fish but mostly gets used on kings, there is a cheaper sabre version well worth a look.

The little reel was silky smooth on 6 stripped tuna and 7 undersized kings on my last trip. I also own a terez but in the heavier class which has handled very big fish and even managed to pull a full adult seal back to the boat!!!

For the money you mention it seems like a good deal and you should be more than happy. The only thing you may want to consider is possibly using a quality 30lb braid with a decent mono leader to give a little more stretch to the outfit. I like to use around 20m of mono joined by a pr or fg knot. (Just my preference)


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I had two saltists that didn't stand up to well to a season on kings down here in the south, saying I've not had much luck with any Daiwa reel. I have several relatively new daiwa reels that daiwa wouldn't repair under warranty from gearing to screws falling out of a sol bail arm on its first outing, where daiwa told me I should of checked all screws before using it:huh:

Sorry if this offends but it's the truth and daiwa can feel free to contact me

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