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Gday all, happy whatever day we are not allowed to call it.... Harbour this morning was almost glass,  funny no wind high, just a little surface wind and quite a few boats heading out.                                           Went south again not much of a swell but did pick up during the day to about 1M from the se. Current still running to the north at 1kn. Water is green but oh my god we have a warm bottom and 21.8 up top.                                                               Fish wise the flatties are on the chew in the 50s a good mix of blue spot and tigers all still heavily roed up, mixed in amongst them are some really nice red spot whiting all on peeled prawns. The amount of slimies around is awesome perfect horses everywhere and great size for eating and very fat, its no wonder the little blacks are in close. Couldnt find any snapper whatsoever and thank christ the pike and pick axes have disappeared. Highlight of the day was a mako on a sgt baker. M8 hooks what seems to be a nice fish but his rods one of those light tipped shimano taipan things so they bend at the sight of a shadow, anyway up comes this baker and a little mako grabs it and runs puts up a little fight and it comes to fhe boat, bites through it, gone... M8888 drop it back in, lets it drift down.. junior comes back and its on, great 10 min fight comes to the surface... sink the gaff in, launch it into the boat only to watch the.little bugger only about 40 kg go balistic and manage to launch himself back out. Still cursing about 40kg of fish cocktails still swimming.                                                         Thats about it, tomorrow looks a cracker for those going out.  There are some decent fish about.                                                      

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