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Quick squid in botany


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Had a quick hour session of squidding at botany this morning with a mate from about 9-10am. At first glance the conditions were great - great water clarity, high tide and limited wind, though after an hour or so the wind picked up and it became a little lumpy. I managed 3 in the hour; 1 small one with an 18cm hood and 2 with around 26cm hoods, still a great start to the day.

Definitely using the hoods for the plate and the heads & tentacles for snapper bait next time out.


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22 minutes ago, dynabolt said:

Nice one. What technique do you use after casting the lure out?

Depends on the current, wind and bottom. With the current ill retrieve, it slowly lifting the rod tip up to skip it along, say once or twice after letting it sink down near the bottom. Against the current I’ll keep the rod tip down and jerking it a bit faster. Then again if there’s light wind I might cast across the side of the deeper kelp beds so I can retrieve it in a reasonably straight line, as it will blow across where they'll be sitting. It also depends on how deep the ledge I am squidding is, a deeper ledge ill retrieve far slower – sometimes too they react to a faster more aggressive retrieve rather than a slow retrieve or vice versa. When they're thick and hungry a light sidearm jerk even does the trick sometimes.

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