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Recommende a Long cast reel under $250


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Hi All,

I have been using spinning combo 12foot rod , size 6000 reel and 20lb braid. I want to upgrade to cast further.

Will a long cast reel cast more further than a normal spinning reel. Anyone has DaiwA emcast plus please share their experience



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This is what alan hawk has to say


As a general rule, long cast reels are the least durable of all spinning reels types. They are not built to last for long and they can't be as strong or have as much drag power as standard reels due to several elements, the most important of which is the extra length of the exposed part of the main shaft (more distance from force vector = greater bending moment).

 On the very top of the pack there are Shimano Aero Technium XSB and XTB, and near the top there are the Aero Technium XTC, XSC, and the Daiwa Tournament Surf 45-QD. The Shimanos have a super slow oscillation stroke where the spool goes a full cycle up and down every 25 turns of the handle, while the Daiwa has a quicker stroke of one full spool cycle per 4 handle turns only. All these reels are built in either metal or plastic or a combination, have different features and ergonomics including a "bait-runner" spool in some Shimanos, etc. Choosing between them is based on your needs for particular features that suit your fishing since there is virtually no difference in quality between them all.


On the economy side Shimano Ultegra XTB and XSB stand out in build quality, and I rarely recommend any reels below that because their price is not prohibitive so there is no reason to go cheaper. The only exception to this is the Penn Spinfisher V LC (long cast), which I recommend in certain cases because it has the best protection against water intrusion among all long cast reels, including the expensive ones. It's not at all waterproof or fully sealed, but it remains better protected than other long cast reels. The reel is built to the same standard as the regular Spinfisher V reels, but while this falls short in the regular V reels it's adequate enough for the Spinfisher V LC since -as mentioned earlier- long cast reels have lower standards for strength and durability than regular spinners.      

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