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My personal best ( for now...)


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As promised in another post, my trophies for:

European jewie (argyrosomus regius) - 14.3kg. Landbased, on a Lunker City 6" Shaker and 40g jighead.

European seabass (dicentrarchus labrax) - 3.6kg. From kayak, on a Daywa Saltiga 17cm jerkbait.

Largemouth bass (michropterus salmoides) - 59cm. Land based/wadding, on a Lucky Craft Sammy.

Both the jewie and the seabass made a few other people happy around the table, hopefully the largemouth still happily swims in the reservoir where I left him.


Hope you like the photos and most importantly hope I'll soon be able to take and post a few shots of Australian trophies! ?





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